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Welcome to the Delano Activity Registration & Payment Website

On this site you will be able to complete the Minnesota State High School league forms, find Delano's activity documents and pay for school activity fees. Please follow instructions below regarding how to register and pay for your activity fee.

How to Log in to Your Student's Account

We recommend that you use Firefox as your web browser during registration.

We have already created a Student Account Profile for you. To get started, you'll need to create a parent account, which will be unique to you. Your login will be connected to your account, and nobody else will see the information. Then, click the blue wallet icon (above). The next step is to connect your student(s) to your account.

Once you have logged in and connected to your student accounts, click the red soccer ball to access the registration site. Click the "register" link next to your student's name to see a list of items he/she is eligible for. Select the desired item and follow the steps through the registration and checkout process.

We have created "How To" documents that show you the steps to creating a new account, connecting to your students, and registering for a sport/activity:

Creating Parent User Account Login and Connecting to Student Accounts

Registration Instructions

If you are having trouble creating your account, you can call 1.800.934.2621. For any other question, please contact the school using the phone numbers listed on the "Contact Us" page.


Please select a link below to view a PDF version of the noted form

2020-21 MSHSL Eligibility Brochure

2020-21 Sports Qualifying Physical Form
If you need a new physical, print this form and take it to your child's doctor for exam and signatures.

2021-22 Sports Qualifying Physical Form
If you need a new physical, print this form and take it to your child's doctor for exam and signatures.

Financial Aid Request
Click the link above to download and view.


Student Insurance Info

CIS Testing   +

Per the Delano School Board resolution passed in May 2012 there is a $75.00 administrative fee per CIS course.

The average CIS class at the high school results in approximately four college credits. The fee is structured so

that you pay approximately $18.75 per credit. The average tuition cost per credit at the three participating

colleges is currently $390.00, a savings of over $370.00 per credit.

Currently, providing the College in the Schools programs costs the district approximately $45,000. These fees

will cover approximately one half of the cost of providing these college level courses at Delano High School.

The cost for students receiving reduced lunch pricing is $35.00 per CIS course and no cost for free lunch

pricing. In order to apply this pricing option, you must have a Free & Reduced-Price School Meals Application

and Confidentiality Waiver on file, in the Food Service Office, giving your permission to share information from

your application with the CIS Administrative Fee process. Contact the Food Service Administrative Assistant,

Tracie Erickson if you have any questions.

The administrative fee for 2nd semester CIS courses is due March 05, 2021.

Payment Options:

● Check or cash payment - Make checks payable to Delano High School (write student name in the

memo line). Attn: CIS payment.

● Online payment through the Delano school website.

All student fees, fines, etc. should be paid before students purchase Prom tickets/attend Prom.

If you have any questions please feel free to call me at your convenience.

CIS Calculus 2, CIS-Calculus 2    
CIS Chemistry 2, CIS-Chemistry 2    
CIS Mobile CSP, CIS Mobile CSP    
CIS Modern Fiction, CIS-Modern Fiction    
CIS Psychology Class, CIS Psychology Class    
CIS Spanish, CIS Spanish    
CIS Statistics, CIS Statistics    
Math League   +
2021-HSMath, HS Math/ High School Math 9-12 Grades    
Parking Permits   +
The overflow lot pricing goes down each quarter - Starts at $120 and goes down by $30.

Only students with NO outstanding obligations to the school (fees, fines, book returns, equipment returns, lunch accounts, etc.) may apply for a parking ID tag.

Any student who wants to drive to school and use the school parking lot must register and update ALL of his/her vehicles.

 Any motor vehicle parked in the school parking lot must display an official Delano High School parking ID tag.  These parking tags will be issued only upon the completion and approval of this registration form.  The cost for an annual sticker is $150.00 for the senior/junior parking lot and $120.00 for the sophomore and overflow lot (parking lot across from the hockey arena).  This fee is non-refundable.  The fee will be prorated at the start of each quarter.

Students will be assigned a numbered space in the parking lots.  This space is the only place you are allowed to park.  All fire lanes and non-numbered parking spaces are NO PARKING areas at all times.  There is NO PARKING in the staff lot at any time.

Vehicles improperly parked in the lot or parked in a space other than the one to which you have been assigned will be subject to immobilization or towing at the owners expense.  Parking violation fine will start at $25.00 and/or community service.  Release of the immobilization unit will incur a cost of $50.00.

School authorities have the right to enter a vehicle on District property to search or inspect the vehicle if they believe that it contains an illegal or dangerous substance or paraphernalia or if the contents of the vehicle may present a threat to the educational environment.

The maximum speed limit in all driveways and parking lots is 15 mph.  Your parking ID tag may be suspended or revoked if the speed limit is not followed.

Students may not go to their vehicles between 8:02 a.m. and 2:50 p.m. unless they are leaving the school property with an approved early dismissal, or unless they have permission from the principal or designee.

Students must drive on school property with extreme caution and consideration.  Any evidence of reckless or careless driving will result in the suspension or revocation of driving privileges.  

Any student found in possession of or using tobacco, alcohol, illegal drugs, etc., will receive at minimum a suspension of driving privileges, revocation of driving privileges and/or other disciplinary action (see student handbook).

Should it be necessary to suspend a driving privilege and the student involved is found driving on school property, it will be considered a very serious violation.  The parking ID tag will be revoked.  No money will be refunded to drivers who have lost parking privileges.

Parking or driving on the school lawn will be considered a serious offense and will result in loss of driving privileges and charges for damages.

Observe all driving and parking regulations printed in the Student Handbook and expectations as defined by the Board of Education and the City of Delano.

In event of repeated and/or serious violations of parking and driving rules, a complaint may be filed by the school with the Wright County Sheriff's Department.

School buses have the right of way at all times.  The first violation will result in a two-week suspension of driving privileges.  The second violation will result in suspension of driving privileges for four weeks.  A third violation will result in revocation of the parking ID tag.

Students are not allowed to drive to the Wright Technical Center without prior written permission from parents and school administration.

Students, only if your parking space is taken by another vehicle or you cannot park your vehicle due to snow etc. you may park in the back row of Lot #1 (staff lot) spaces E90-E100 that day. You must also report that you parked there by filling out the parking concerns sheet in the high school office that day.

I have read the regulations above and understand that it is my responsibility to comply with them at all times.  I understand that failure to comply with these regulations will result in the suspension, revocation of my school parking ID tag, or towing of my vehicle.

2021-ParkOverflow, Overflow Parking (So Jr Sr)    
Senior Class Fees   +
Senior Class Fees, Senior Class Fees    
Spring Play   +

Spring Play - Joe Lawrence(

  • Auditions - March 8 & 9 from 3 to 5:30 and callbacks on the 11th from 3 to 5

  • First Rehearsals - March 15 @ 3pm

  • Show dates - May 14, 15, 20, 21, 22

2021-Spring Play712, Spring - Play - 7-12 Graders